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Welcome to Room 1; Pre Brexit Referendum

This virtual room explores the run-up to the referendum. If the page does not load, open the room through the direct link here. You can navigate the space by clicking anywhere on the floor. Your camera will then move to that position. Alternatively, you can use the guided tour by clicking the Play button. Click on any image or text for a closer look and captions.

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The Institute for Media Accountability (Institut fuer Medienverantwortung / IMV), based in Berlin, is a non-profit organisation which conducts academic media analysis, provides media awareness training and consults community groups with regard to their media image. A focus lies on representing grassroots perspectives on political events in Germany and abroad. The founder of the IMV, Professor Sabine Schiffer teaches media studies at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and runs the institute as an avenue for community outreach. The institute is funded through donations and acts as a non-profit educational institution.

The staff of the Institute for Media Accountability brings together the following specialist skills: Linguistics and literary studies, especially the areas of public communication, media communication and media education, as well as more specific disciplines such as Islamic studies, political science, psychology, and linguistics.

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